New Year, New work

 *Please allow me to do double duty with this post - and count it as my "Focus on Life" post. I have been in the studio all week finishing new work! Also - there are additional images tagged on Instagram. Thanks!*

As January draws to a close, I wanted to share with you the latest. I have been in a flurry (pun intended) of activity in the studio, preparing for a new show. Betsy Mortenson and I are showing at the Palette and the Page in Elkton, Md. The opening will be Friday February 1st, and the show will be up for the month. Betsy and I have done collaborative work in the past, sharing ideas, and sparking creative thoughts one off the other. This year we discussed animals/totems. While the work isn't paired as directly as Oceana/Detritus of Dreams from last year, we are happy with what is happening...

I am particularly excited to show collages and mixed media necklaces together. Many venues don't allow for such diverse offerings in one show. Let me give you a sample...

Raven collage

As of yet untitled Raven themed collage. Inspired by Celtic goddesses - The Morrigan...

Thought and Memory

"Thought and Memory" - labradorite, polymer, copper, silver, silk. Inspired by Odin's ravens - Huginn & Muninn ( Thought and Memory).

Raven's Token

"Raven's Token" - polymer, copper, hematite, lapis, pearls, onyx, blue goldstone. 

Snake collage

Untitled snake collage. Inspired by the Creatan snake goddess/priestess, the Delphic Oracle, and Eve. 

Athena's owl

"Athena's Owl" - brass, polymer, enamel on copper, gems. 

Lunar Hare

"Lunar Hare" - polymer, enamel on copper, stamped copper, labradorite, pearls, iolite, hematite, blue goldstone. 

Not every necklace has a collage partner, and I will be exhibiting ceramic shrines as well. Should be a truly mixed media showing. PLease do stop by if you are in the area. I will post pictures of the opening at a later date! 



Love the necklace collage duos!

Brilliant and lovely! I saw some teaser photos of the show getting hung, looking forward to opening photos!

Create Art

Oh Jenny, I"m so drawn to your untitled snake piece! I can't explain it, my eyes just want to stare and take in every part of that piece! Beautiful!

Good luck with the show, your necklaces always tell the most wonderful stories!

Damn! I wish I took that polymer clay class!!! I hope Christine is at Artbliss again this year!

To everyone!

Thanks all! I was so busy I didnt even get to enjoy your comments til days later! I am buoted by the feedback, and I appreciate it all! There will be pix posted this weekend after the opening!!!

And Sally  - make it a date, you and me table partners this year!


What a beautiful and unique

What a beautiful and unique collection. Your necklace pendants are stunning!

What a wonder exhibit this

What a wonder exhibit this looks like it will be. Sure it will be well received!

I'm a Fan

Amazing. You are so talented - I am always struck by your art and these pieces are no exception. I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to!

Great job creating art.

Great job creating art.


Wow! The collages and necklaces together are amazing. They seem to flow into each other and I love how the necklaces showcase different aspects of the collages.

oh yes, creating like mad I

oh yes, creating like mad I see. I love all the mix of materials in each piece. I love the richness of textures each brings. I'm also a little sad I won't get to see all these pieces together with the collages at the show. It sounds wonderful

How fun to have someone to

How fun to have someone to collaborate and create with! I love all the piece you made and like the idea of pairing a collage with a piece of jewelry. I love 'Lunar Hare'.

Wishing you success at the show!!


... is the mother of invention! Betsy and I started pairing things for a show last year - it called for paired entries. I gave her some found objects, and went off to have surgery. She scanned and collaged... and after I recovered a bit I had her collage with my ingredients pictured. I could pull out shapes and words... it was so inspiring. We are working more llosely now, but are a good working team!

Would love to see these in person!

Oh, so sorry I am far enough away that I cannot see your show. Your work looks amazing!

What interesting

What interesting pieces!!

(I'm #41 this week)


This is awesome - love them all. Especially the first collage, that's amazing. I'd love to attend the show just to see everything!!

A True Artist

You really are a true artist Jenny - in every sense of the word. I cannot imagine how your mind works, as mine is so one-dimensional, i.e. one art medium at a time. Your polymer pieces have truly taken off...I thought some of those creations were ceramic!

I have now clicked - and reclicked - each of the pics in this post. Your untiltled Raven-themed collage and the accompanying pieces are so thought provoking - and so beautiful! I wish you the best of luck with your show and look forward to more pictures of your art!

Thank you!

I appreciate that Patti - Sometimes you start to second gues syourself when you are alone working in the studio. I am thrilled that piece sparked something for you!

Wow-what an interesting show

Wow-what an interesting show that will be. Those necklaces are awesome. My fav is "Athena's Owl". Good luck - can't wait to see more pics.

Shrines, necklace, collage, Oh My!

Thanks Susan! The owl itself is polymer. Since Artbliss - I am hooked! And Athena was the patroness of craftspeople. She holds a dear spot in my artist's heart. 

Oh, I love your work, Jenny!

Oh, I love your work, Jenny! Beautiful and powerful art and symbology. My pagan heart is warmed by it (I'm especially coveting "Raven's Token")...but it's all beautiful no matter what my spiritual proclivities might be. <3


Wish we could meet...

... to talk it over,, and have a beverage! Thanks Meridy! I do love the Interwebs - meeting people like you!

Like calls to like, doesnt it?!

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